About Us

Our history

We started our journey in 2019 with the aim of proving that careful eating and a healthy lifestyle do not have to be a sacrifice.

Our team at the end of an event held in 2022
We identified that the market did not offer tasty food items that would facilitate the implementation of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

So, in 2020, we founded Huxia, Lda. We assume the mission of identifying and bringing to the market food products with high biological value and with options that fit all types of diets.

In 2022, the Huxia family grew and established itself in the market with differentiated food products, with innovative characteristics, without ever losing the essence that brought us here, providing tasty and healthy food products that facilitate the implementation of a lifestyle and diet healthy.

In 2023, we propose to maximize the communication of the brands we work with and make the general public aware that a healthy lifestyle and diet do not need to be a sacrifice.